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H-A-N-A Technologies is a registered & an international-renowned leader in Networking & Software Application Development for various industries. Established in 2012, today boasts of having worked for over 2000+ business across the world. We develop and provide world’s best software, internet and networking services to various companies across the globe.

Developing Secure Network Services, Graphic Design, Website/App Development and Software Applications such as Hotel Management Software, Hospital Management Systems, Custom Relationship Management Solutions, Time Tracking Systems, Payroll Processing Systems, Enterprise Management Software & Point of Sales (POS) Software, just to name a few. 


Best Technology services are rendered to meet all our clients’ business requirements & expectations. Satisfying our clients has always been one of our top priorities therefore delivering quality projects for our customer satisfaction comes first.


The world of technology is our no.1 priority therefore, we’ve built a strong bond between our team & clients. This bond is built such that we see to make sure that services rendered are delivered on time.

Technology Solutions


We open our doors & let our clients in. We are therefore trusted by our clients to the purpose of the administration of the said project.


Our support team are always available to assist and help you.

Our Beliefs

To provide leading-edge I.T & technology solutions in the fields of commercial, education, health & oil through professional services, software development, information portals & system infrastructure design & development that meet today’s needs for web.

Our Services

Graphic Design

  • Corporate
  • Logo
  • Packaging
  • Publication
  • Motion
  • Advertising
  • Vehicle Wrap
  • Art & Illustration

Web/App development

  • E-Commerce
  • Corporate
  • Magazine
  • Blogs
  • Portfolio
  • Directory / Contacts

Brand strategy

We work hand in hand with clients to give the best business branding & strategic solutions to brands. We bring your dreams to reality.

Sofware Development

We create quality sofware applications secured, reliable and user friendly to suit every business needs.


  • Digital
  • Large Format
  • Screen
  • 3D
  • Offset Lithography
  • LED UV
  • Flexography

Digital Marketing

We create and manage top performing social media campaigns which leads to greater reach, sales and brand awareness.


We offer a range of web hosting plans on a budget to suit everyone’s needs. Very fast and reliable servers with 24/7 technical support. Experience the best in hosting performance, guaranteed security & support.



With organic SEO, paid search and GPS-enabled search, reach potential clients across the world.


Reach all your clients at once with creatively designed, strategic email messaging services.


Clients across the world are searching for businesses like yours! Help them find you with paid ads.

Business E-mails

Do more with professional E-mails on a budget.

  • Starter
  • $ 2.99 / month
  • 1 mailbox
  • 5GB for E-mails
  • -
  • -
  • Sign Up
  • Pro
  • $ 4.99 / month
  • 3 mailboxes
  • 30GB for E-mails
  • Mobile Sync Support
  • -
  • Sign Up
  • Premium
  • $ 7.24 / month
  • 5 mailboxes
  • 75GB for E-mails
  • Mobile Sync Support
  • Premium E-mail Delivery
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User Interface

At H-A-N-A Technologies, we have skilled team highly versed in creating great and interactive designs for clients. Our designers aim to create interfaces which users find easy to use and pleasurable.

User Experience

Our team is known for creating products that provide meaningful and relevant experiences to users. We improve end-user needs by satisfying users with products that make them happy.

Graphics,Web & Mobile
App Solutions.

Graphic Design

We shape brands through exploration, researching completely to challenge assumptions in every aspect.
We find joy in creating simple yet unique & professional designs for our clients.

Web Development

With the use of modern technologies, we build immersive responsive
websites that transforms businesses and also fulfill business goals.

Mobile App Development

We use modern technologies to build apps in a single codebase for Android and iOS. Our apps are developed to suit our clients' brand needs. Very responsive and easy to use

Printing Solutions

Our talented team of professionals always see to it that you brand materials are presented in the best possible way through our printing services to ensure it stays in the minds of your customers.

We produce high quality output prints that are real images of their soft copies.


hana technologies

We print stylish and creative business cards for your business. Choosing a very nice and creative business cards plays a major role in business branding thus we always help you with the best.

We also provide high quality printing on all types of souvenirs.

hana technologies

Business Branding

Choosing the best identity for your business sometimes become a headache for entrepreneurs. Our team are always available to choose and provide the best branding solutions to suit our clients’ needs.

Branding is all about reaching the desired exposure to the targeted audience while building a positive perception and a professional image about your business that triggers specific emotion encouraging potential customers to prefer
your business over competitors.

Phone Unlocking & Servicing

Our engineering team are always available to unlock  and service all types of phones. We unlock both Android and iOS phones in minutes unlike our competitors. Always feel free to contact us to get your locked phones unlocked and also get your phones serviced. We give our customers the best services.

For all your branding needs.

hana technologies
hana technologies

Be rest assured that all your business branding needs will be taken care of. Our creative and hardworking team always make sure that they produce the best branding solutions for businesses by using modern branding techniques and skills for a great final product.

hana technologies

Increase your revenue.

We are known for driving revenue for top brands and other brands across the world through  our branding strategies. We give businesses the best branding solutions that will draw people to patronise your brand. It’s always important to choose the best branding solutions for a business and that is why we are here to help you choose and make revenue.

Expand your reach.

Do you want to reach more people worldwide and also increase your daily sales? Our advertising team are experts in finding and reaching the right clients for your business in order for you to increase your sales daily. Reach people on Instagram and Facebook and other social media platforms. We’ve worked with top brands and helped in making their brand names household names. You can also be a part of this. Don’t worry, relax and we will get you the clients. We give you the best of technology solutions.

hana technologies

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Technology Solutions


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Technology Solutions


hana technologies


Web Development.

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Client satisfaction is our No. 1 priority.
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I was referred by a colleague and i actually contacted H-A-N-A Technologies because of the good things my colleague said about them. Lo and behold, they developed my business website in no time and i really loved it as well. Thank you very much H-A-N-A Technologies.
Richard Listowell
Ceo & Founder OF VIGOR
They deliver on time and also have a very good customer service. Kudos.
Riya Maaid


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